Other Services

Tailor-made Screw Shafts
In additional to a wide selection of screw shafts made to OEM specifications., we at LT Bimetallic provide technical advise & tailor-made screw shafts to meet a variety of thermoplastic application & requirement.

Up-sizing or down-sizing
Due to constantly changing market demands and requirements in the type and specifications of parts, it sometimes become necessary for the screw shafts and barrels to be up-sized or down-sized. In such circumstances. We thoroughly analyze the situation, the type of resin used and the parameter setting required, and advise the customers on the most suitable size (whether to up-size or down-size) to ensure optimum performance and productivity.

Reconditioning & Repairing
Sometimes it becomes necessary for screws and shafts to be reconditioned. Though we do not recommend reconditioning, we do understand that it may be nevitable, given the limitation of budget and the urgency to keep production going to meet specific targets. In such events, we thoroughly analyze the situation, and recommend the most suitable solution to meet our client's needs, clearly highlighting the pros and cons of such actions. So our clients are always well informed and are kept abreast of their current and future requirements.

On Site Inspection/Measurement

Though we stongly recommend part assessment to be done at our premises, as our place is well equipped to carry out thorough analyses and inspections, we do, when needs arise, carry out general inspections at the clients' premises. Our well trained technical personnel are ever ready to pay a visit to your place, to do on-site measurements and accessment (on key and critical areas) of screws and barrels. Visual inspection will also be carried out to detect traces and signs of defects, such as chipping, breakage, as well as for severe wears and tears. The general conditions of the parts will be explained, followed by a detailed report on our recommendations and suggestions. We charge a very modest fee for this service, however, we will be more happy to waive this fee completely if there is a confirmation of a new order at the time the service is rendered.